Today is a beautiful day...



                                                      (Image copyright Sophie Hall: Flickr)

I'm primarily a singer/songwriter...
and I hope to do something with my music sometime not so far in the future
I have two Soundcloud accounts where you can hear my songs if you fancy:

I've recently found the confidence...
 to start in the open mic game, and whilst wondering what to do with the songs I already have,
I'm currently working on a rough EP of new ones. 

You can see music videos...
  and performances, on my Youtube channel:


My Beloved plays bass guitar and is very handy with the synths ;)

As well as playing on some of my songs, we've made a couple together and hope to embark on many more joint projects in the future. 

Check out his music on Soundcloud.

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Roz said...

your voice is beautiful xxx

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