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Hello, Nice To Meet You

I am

named after the little girl from the mountains
a singer/songwriter 
a language student 
a friend 
a best friend 
(a girlfriend <3) 
a little crazy- aren't we all? 
a natural blonde 
full of ideas 
true to myself

When and why did you start blogging?
I started blogging just this year, back in January (2013.) And simply because it looked like fun :)

Where did the name 'Box of Various' come from?
It's a term I heard at an auction house I went to once, in Wales. There were often just boxes of random things, all piled in and sold as one lot, and these boxes were referred to as boxes of 'various'. It seemed an appropriate title.

Can you tell me something interesting about yourself?
Mais oui! I spent a lot of time in France, growing up, so I can speak French; and I'm currently studying Russian!

Where else can I find you online?
You can listen to my music on either of two Soundcloud accounts: and
You can come see performances and other ramblings on my Youtube channel
and you can find me on Facebook and Google+


Anonymous said...

keep at it with the laugeages, it can open up the whole world for you.Life is for living, be happy; Luuuv your blog!!!!!!

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