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Sunday, January 20, 2013


I wonder how many of you have already heard of Lifescouts?
 A certain well known Youtuber, Alex Day, inspired by the idea of Scout badges, has created a community where people are invited to share their life experiences and collect badges as acknowledgement for them.
 You may simply 'claim' the corresponding virtual bagde at any moment as long as you feel that the experience you have had was worthy- there are no set activities to complete.
 And that seems to have been one of the driving forces behind the idea, the fact that these badges were to be attainable subject to the individual's personal aspirations.
 Upon finding out about Lifescouts, I was filled with conflicting opinions. On the one hand it is a wonderful idea which seems to have really captured the imaginations of many other like minded people all over the world, bringing people together, promoting exciting activities and getting people up and out and doing. The collecting aspect is pretty cool too, I can see it quickly becoming one of those niche internet crazes, and will probably end up having a gander myself and 'claiming' a few badges :)
 On the other hand however..... (and I made the mistake of listing, at length, the 'Cons' of the idea before the 'Pros' in my YouTube video ) but, being an 'scout Scout' myself, all I wanted to do was clarify some of the terminology he used in his video.
 But we'll concentrate on the positives here, and although I would recommend for anybody drawn to the idea of Scouting, to come and see what we're actually about before making assumptions, I really am pleased that Lifescouts has come into existence. It's bringing one of the many exciting aspects of Scouting to so many other people who would perhaps not have had a chance to join in the fun otherwise.

What are your views? I'd be especially intrigued to hear what other 'scout Scouts' have to say :)
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