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Monday, January 21, 2013

Look What I Found

I'm sometimes an English teacher and when I am, one of my favourite things (because it engages the kids, and the therefore learn more) is to translate songs with them.
Of course with a couple of my students being teenage boys, 'we' always want rap.... No problem, I'm fine with pointing out that such a line is inappropriate and asserting that we'll skip it, and for the most part they're mature enough to obey (until I go home at least!)
 Anyway today I was presented with the lyrics to: Macklemore's 'Thirft Shop'. What an appropriate song for a girl like me who more or less grew-up in a thrift shop! ;)

Here is a 'clean' version for your enjoyment... 

And on the subject of thrifting I have two more new dresses to show you tomorrow!

Woo, two posts in one day!
Oh and thank you also to Jessica at So Many Lights who very kindly linked to this blog in her post today, go check her out, she's cool :)

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