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Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Poems

Hey there!
So rather than let you all assume my 'Poem a Day' project was always only ever going to run from Monday to Friday, when I'd said 'a week', I'm going to own up and confess to not having actually gotten round to composing and posting Saturday's and Sunday's poems at all :s Oh naughty me!
 And so it follows that I must amend my wrongdoings here. And so I shall.

Carrier Bag

'The rain fell down and climbed up my jeans,
I knew It'd looked theat'ning before,
When I'd left the house after gathering my things,
Closing and locking the door.

But on carried I, no provisions were made
Except for my trusty old hat
It was fine on the way but returning, it rained
And that was the end of that!

My clothes were wet through and my bike seat as well,
But as fortune would have it, a carrier bag!
Otherwise it wouldn't have turned out so well,
It's the best advice I could ever have had ;)

A plastic bag helps in all sorts of ways,
So take one with your everywhere,
You never know, you may need one one day,
To cover your bike seat or maybe your hair!'

Missed the Alarm Again

Missed the alarm again,
lying in bed
'Heidi, its half nine!'
My mother shouted.
Jumped out and quickly
Threw everything on
In a matter of seconds
Me and doggie were gone
Run down the road 
And then back to the house
Super quick breakfast then
'Goodbye!' and out
Working all day
And back home at night
Vowing to set my alarm this time, right!

Et voila! Two poems, not necessarily relevant to the weekend, but nevertheless, two poems :)
Night Night,



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