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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Girl Crushes (My Favourite Actresses)

Watching reruns of the British comedy classic Fawlty Towers with my parents recently, I was reminded of how much I liked Connie Booth's character, Polly Sherman, and I got to thinking of my other favourite actresses and the characters they portray.
I thought it'd make a nice little post to share them here :)

{I seem to have a thing about mistresses and their maids then...?}

Photos courtesy of Google Images ;)

From top
Connie Booth playing Polly Sherman in Fawlty Towers : : Sophie Marceau playing Anna Karenina in Anna Karenina : : Meryl Streep playing Sophie in Sophie's Choice : :  Jean Marsh playing Rose Buck in Upstairs Downstairs : : Nicola Pagett playing 'Miss Elizabeth' in Upstairs Downstairs

I think the thing is that these particular characters all very feminine
but also rather determined and straight forward.
Each of these actresses too, has such a marvelously pretty face and of course the costume
always plays a part. I think period drama and historical films are some of my favourite,
 providing they're not too dry.
Perhaps we like the sort of people (even if they're only characters)
that we think we would like to be like ourselves...?
Certainly those we relate to and admire.

Polly Sherman is (for the most part) the sensible one. The one keeping the hotel up and running behind the 'front', which is Sybil and Basil Fawlty,  using her intelligence and quick thinking to try and help out when something goes wrong- as inevitably it does at Fawlty Towers- (even if she doesn't always succeed.)
Anna Karenina is one of my favourite books of all time. Ohh Tolstoy!
And Sophie Marceau's version was the first I saw and ultimately my favourite.
Anna is a strong charactered woman, very sure of herself with a prominent place in society, who falls into disrepute after she has an affair. Her downward spiral is a fascinating insight into the trouble female's psyche, and even though she commits adultery and thinks of herself before even her own children, there is something about her; she is a charismatic and alluring woman who we are nevertheless drawn to. Sophie Marceau is just beautiful and portrays Anna so well, with a touch of French class. I must say Kiera Knightly cannot compare, but then we all have our personal favourite versions of films ;)
I love Meryl Streep in everything. Even Mama Mia. Te he ;)
Upstairs Downstairs is a passion of mine. You can read why here.
I love Rose, the head house parlour maid. Despite her mature air she sometimes makes mistakes, but all in all she's a well grounded sensible and hardworking girl who's is well thought of and commands a sort of friendly respect in her own way, from her fellow servants. She's very proper and smart and thoughtful, though she has no social ambition.
'Miss Elizabeth' on the other hand, is quite a rebel. A selfish and spoilt child of the aristocracy, but bless her she's not to blame, it's the way she's been brought up, she doesn't know any better and deep down she's a kind soul with the best f intentions, just a little naive perhaps... Anyhow she's awfully charismatic ;)

Who are your favourite actresses/female characters?



Jessica said...

I Loveeeee Meryl Streep! My top 5, are probably: Audrey Hepburn, Anne Hathaway, Marilyn Monroe, Krysten Ritter, and I love the character of Alaska in Looking for Alaska!

Heidi- Virginia said...

Oooh, yes Audrey Hepburn! And talking of Anna Hathaway, I must make sure I see the new Les Miserables starring her, have you seen it? I have an older film version on DVD and I'm attempting to read the book, but this will have to take priority I think :)

Jessica said...

Yes I have seen it! (of course, haha) It is really good, made me cry! It's a little slow at some points and veryyyy long. I tried to read it, but I just couldn't get through it.


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