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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Listening To... (and the notorious second album)

Ellie Goulding

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I am a HUGE Ellie Goulding fan.
Need I say more?
Well I will.


If I'd have had her first album Lights on vinyl I'd have played it out long ago. I loved it. And Ellie became a sort of idol to me.
Awaiting a second album from a favourite artist who's debut was so amazing, fresh and engaging is always a little nerve-wracking. I did the same (though not to this extent) with Duffy after I bought her debut Rockferry (the deluxe edition I'll have you know!) which I also really loved, and was really disappointed with the first single from her second album that I didn't even feel like bothering listening to the rest of it. Sorry Duffy :/

Ellie delivered. Maybe I'm biased? I do recognise in me sometimes that trait which pledges to 'like' regardless of quality, simply because I may have a soft spot for the creator/ musician/ artist/ even person who recommenced me that thing but mostly, in these cases, the piece in question does actually grow on me. And I come to genuinely like it.

Florence + The Machine is a huge passion of mine too- a shared love between myself and my best friend Sophie- and her Ceremonials was a real achievement and a fabulous follow up to her amazing debut Lungs.

I digress.

Halcyon is a wonderful piece of work. Ellie has kept her distinct and unique sound which is what entranced me in the beginning, but she has also seemed to have grown into herself too, her music having become more mature and confident. Whereas Lights was exciting, fresh and magical; Halcyon is exciting, grown up and emotional.
The dubstep on the track Figure 8....!

Track listing and personal favourites:

1) Don't Say A Word
2) My Blood-
My absolute favourite song of the moment, definitely from this album
3) Anything Could Happen
4) Only You-
I love the drop
5) Halcyon
6) Figure 8-
I'm a secret dubstep fan and this just makes me feel amazing
7) Joy
8) Hanging On-
Ok this is cheating as it's a cover but it's super stirring
9) Explosions
10) I Know You Care- 
This one makes me cry
11) Atlantis
12) Dead In The Water
13) I Need Your Love

What are you listening to at the moment?



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