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Friday, February 15, 2013

Polydor 2013 Mixtape

New Music!
(ok...and some not so new)

I recently had the opportunity to download Polydor's free new music mixtape for 2013
and thought I would share it here.
There are a couple of extra songs as well, that I threw in myself to make up the mix.
Have a listen and let me know what you think :)

My favourites
Personally I really like You're Not Alone, I'm such a folky girl. Acoustic guitar all the way! Hudson Taylor has a really nice voice and the picking is really pretty :)
Amelia is nice too, the ghostly vocals are really my kind of thing, although the repetition of the guitar motif feels to me as though it ought to gain more depth as the song goes on.
Ok so I'm always going to like anything whatsoever Ellie-orientated and yes, this Anything Could Happen Remix is no exception. Just the fact it is an Ellie song. I am completely and utterly, 100% biased when it comes to her. This may have stated off a little too 'dancey' for my taste really, but the little sparkly bits are nice and as it goes on it becomes a really fun tune :)
Teleman's Christina was a tune my boyfriend introduced me too and even though it's not really my thing, the fact that he loves it, makes it totally worth sharing :) [There you go honey ;)]
It's Time has been given the typical Passion Pit production make over, I love the beginning and the verses, lovely :) The rhythm of the chorus strikes me of having been done before though and doesn't inspire me, over all though I like it, again I'm pretty biased when it comes to anything Passion Pit are involved with, have been ever since Sleepyhead.
I love Summer Camp and although Life isn't my favourite track of theirs-  it's a new one to me, having only just discovered it- I love their production style, her clear vocals and the unique chord sequences and melodies they come up with.
Track Listing
1) The Fall by Rhye (Live)*
2) You're Not Alone by Hudson Taylor*
3) Amelia by BIRD
4) Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding (Butch Clancy Remix)*
5) Christina by Teleman
6) Your Sister by Findlay*
7) It's Time by Imagine Dragons (Passion Pit Remix)*
8) Life by Summer Camp

* = part of the original Polydor Mixtape



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