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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Recipe: Leftovers Scrabbled Egg (nicer than it sounds!)

Hey There :)
So, upon opening the fridge the other day I was confronted with a number of leftovers and products that were about to go out of date. I didn't want to waste these, and so I decided to create a yummy lunch incorporating all of them.

some extra ingredients- eggs and salad dressing

din dins ;)

'kitchen office'

It was very yummy and quite healthy I felt :)
I used olive oil in the frying pan, not too much, and watched the heat, as onion can burn quickly if you're not careful. Courgette takes a while to soften and brown, so (unless you like it with more of a crunch) put it in early whilst you're preparing everything else.
Do turn the heat up a little when you add the whisked eggs, to get a fluffy effect, and 'scrabble' quickly. Don't let them burn.
My friend adds milk to the eggs before whisking, for a creamier texture.

Bon apetit!

Have a good evening


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