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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Entre Filles

There's nothing like a girly weekend :)


The snow came back! 
I thought it was all over after that we had the other week.
It was particularly exciting to see the beach covered in white.

Sweet :) This is what gave us the idea.
This window is just so pretty, catches my attention every time I walk past in the morning.

homemade quiche lorraine


These are some snippets of the street art Marjolaine's (she was very proud!) little brother was involved in with the local holiday club. Brightens up a dingy subway beautifully.



We visited her grandmother who read our tarrot cards- very exciting!
Fortunately, I received all good news on my future plans and dreams :)

spooky happenings..? ;P

{The key= all will be wonderful}

Oooh, and here's a new dress!

It's so good to catch up with your girlfriends

Night Night


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