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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cette Semaine...

Hey Ho :)


So this week has been a productive one- the best kind! My mum came back from the library the other day with, as usual, a whole pile of deliciously interesting books. One of which stood out to me above all the rest, however:

 Sophie Cornish and Holly Tucker's Build A Business From Your Kitchen Table is the story of how they set up their business,, plus advice for others wishing to do the same.
Well, this was like gold dust to me; an authentic, accessible and down-to-earth handbook on the very project I'm dreaming of throwing myself into at some point!
Thank you ladies for inspiring me to keep dreaming and one day make it happen :)

Aswell as swatting-up on my business acumen, time this week was well spent with my Beloved at singing class, staying-in a few candle-lit evenings, strolls at twilight and even having a go baking our own pizza, dough and all. It actually came out quite well although, personally, I'd blind-bake the base first a little, or stetch it thinner next time, as I found it a little to stodgey, but Jamie loved it- my we were full afterwards though! You can find the recipe on the Guardian website
The recipe did invole beer though, so you know, it's bound to be a hit with our men-folk ;P

{said pizza}

 As well as all the reading I've been doing (I'm still enjoying the wonderful Phantoms In The Brain I mentioned recently) Russian study finally came back into the limelight. I've been neglecting it for a while now and it feels so good getting back to it. It's a flattering photograph, I know, but it raised a titter with James and I like that I tried so I thought I'd include it ;)

Meanwhile the garden is flourishing. (More on the veg soon!) And the sun returned for an extra blast of summer yesterday- well we can only make the best of it whilst we have it, here's to the next installment!

Right, got to gear myself up for performing tonight now!


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