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Friday, September 13, 2013

Long Time, No See

Hello There,
*peeps timidly at Blogger dashboard...*
remember me?


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So, I've been away for a while, but though neither planned, nor announced (life just kinda ran away with me for a while) my little break did me good I think.
I decided I needed to reorganise all the ideas that were floating around in my head, and came to the realisation that Box Of Various probably needed a bit of a rethink- a little more direction, if you please.

True, it was named 'Box Of Various' for a reason; partly because I truly am rather an eclectic girl, but also because, as I had so many different ideas, this way I wasn't tied just down to any particular one. However, I see now how having a clear theme and purpose will benefit the blog much more, and therefore my readers and of course, myself.

And so, this autumn, I'm kind of starting afresh.
I'm not going to 'write-off' (pardon the pun!) any of the work that I've done so far, as it's got me to where I am now. I'm proud of what I've done and it will remain available on the blog, but I can file it, mentally, under 'practice' and instead of getting disapointed that things haven't gone quite as I imagined they would, I can build on the lessons this 'practice' has taught me.


Looking back over my old posts, I noticed that my recipes and cookery posts seemed to be amongst the most popular, so putting a little more emphasis on the culinary side of things seems to be a good move to make.
Style and beauty will take a larger share of the limelight than before, and there'll be little life updates from time to time. Of course, I won't deprive you of any interesting tit-bits, but I feel to have a framework in place for my posts will be a huge help.

One of my biggest weaknesses was getting over-enthusiastic and introducing too many new features, as I found I'd sometimes lose track of what I'd promised to follow up on!  (Not cool!) So from now on perhaps the old adage 'less is more' might come in handy when planning posts and content :)

Well then, welcome along on the next part of my blogging journey- thank you for your patience- and Voila! Box Of Various is reborn!



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Rachel Beyer said...

I love hearing about the evolution and thought process behind what bloggers post about. Thanks for sharing!

ps. I added your button to my blog too so we're officially 'blog friends'!

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