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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Everyday Make-Up: My Routine

Hey Hey.

I don't wear make-up every single day (although I'm rarely without mascara, at least) but for days when I feel like it, this is my current 'everyday' routine... did that make any sense? Hehe :)
After splashing my face and brushing my teeth, I apply moisturiser all over my face. I use an aqueous cream. Now I've been told these are no longer recommended as a moisturiser, and also that they can possibly cause inflammation so, although I've never had any problems using it as a day cream (I did stop using it at bedtime, as I found it actually dried my skin out over night) and find it works well for me, I'm not recommending it.

For my eyes I'm using the gorgeous Spring Style palette by Aerin, at the moment, in 'A Garden In Bloom'. (Thank you Jamie!) I use the pale pink colour on the inside corners of my eyes, and up to the brow bone and across my lids, then the dusky brown at the outside, blending up, and inwards a little on the crease.

The mascara I use for my everyday look is Une in black, as it's really gentle and washes off really easily at the end of the day, just with water, reducing the risk of irritating my sensitive skin. I prefer it applied only on the upper lashes, but almost inevitably end up getting some on the bottom ones  too each time (still looks nice though!)

I don't wear foundation, except for parties and things, because it gives me spots but I'll cover up any little blemishes with a tad concealer and add a little blush (from the Aerin palette) unless I know I'm going somewhere where I'm going to get warm (open mic, dancing, etc.) as I rouge easily!

I'll keep it simple and just stick to my current lip balm for my lips- usually clear or very pale rose colours. (Although I'm actually wearing lipstick in the photo-ooops!) At the moment I'm using Yves Rocher hydrating lip balm which smells lovely and is very cheap, so I'm onto a winner- plus, it actually works very well. I'm never without lip balm, my lips are awfully dry and until now this particular one is one of the best I've tried (ok we'll call it a close draw with Carmex), budget lip balms just do not work for me.

If I remember, I'll tidy-up my brows, but luckily I'm fair, and my brows aren't that noticeable anyway- to be honest, I rarely think about them.

Et voila, a simple, everyday routine. Not too fussy, but pretty and feminine at the same time.
Psst. you can have a peek inside my make-up bag here.


What products are you really into at the moment?



HighlandFling said...

If my skin was that perfect I wouldn't wear foundation either. When I saw your picture I was scrolling for what foundation you use, oh the disappointment to find out that is your actual skin. Thought I had a new foundation on my wish list. Darn you and your lovely skin.

Emma x

Kari said...

Love hearing about what you like! It's always hard for me to find things I really like, so it's good to hear what works for other people. You look beautiful!

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