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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I Wore (29/01/13)

Well, it seems the Cirque de Venise is in town!

I acquired these riding jodhpurs from a friend and decided originally to keep them for days when I might find myself without anything else to wear, or even to wear underneath looser trousers in the winter to keep warm,  anything handy like that.
But, this morning I found myself throwing them on with one of my favourite jumpers and was surprised how well they went together! Being sports wear, they're really comfy too :)
The pumps I bought a couple of days ago on a car-boot sale shopping spree with dear Marjolaine. My old Primark pumps are really on their last legs, so I was looking out for some more. Oh the satisfaction when you find exactly what you you set out with in mind :) The Primark ones shall now be thrown ceremoniously away!
The necklace I actually found in the park years ago and restrung onto one of my own chains. I always thought of it as a feather but my boyfriend's mum saw it as an angel's wing. I think its nice when things are ambiguous and everybody can take their own personal meaning from them. This is what I would like to happen with my songs. They mean one thing to me but I'd love for each person who hears them, to make up their own mind as to when it means to them. I therefore rarely explain my lyrics.... :)

Oh and the Norwegian style slippers were a Christmas present from my mum and dad. I'm slowly but surely building up a closet full of Norwegian style items: hat- check, slippers- check, scarf- check..... ;)

Happy Tuesday :)



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