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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Upstairs Downstairs

I am absolutely in love with this drama! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy it, and I love that feeling when you discover something that you can really get into, not just because 'everybody else is', but because it's your kinda thing.
I started watching a few episodes on YouTube, must have been a couple of years ago now, after hearing my parents talking about it, and was instantly hooked.
Life happened and I got out of the habit, but I've just recently gone back and picked up where I left off, and I'm loving it more than ever.

What makes it so brilliant? Well if you find modern social history fascinating/ love all things British, then you'll really enjoy Upstairs Downstairs.
The action all takes place during the Edwardian era and First World War at No. 165 Eaton Place, the London residence of wealthy conservative MP, Mr. Bellamy and his family.
What unfolds in the household, the relationship between master/mistress and servant  (those upstairs, and those below stairs), and also between members of the same classes make up the material for this extremely well written drama.
The scenes are savored, not rushed, you have at times the impression that you are watching a play. The  series documents all the major events of the times and the issues dealt with are often surprisingly 'deep' (force feeding during the the suffragette movement, homosexuality in an unaccepting time...) this is a serious drama with an educational aspect- almost a documentary- a window onto life back then. The historical points are accurate and the political views and opinions of the characters are realistic.
Personally I find Rose, the head house parlour maid, ever so endearing and even spoilt 'Miss. Lizzy', Mr. Bellamy's grown-up daughter, very likable. 
The actors convey a true reflection of the reality of the human condition, its strengths and weaknesses, our little individual idiosyncrasies and foibles.
The story lines are engaging, making you really feel for the characters, you get to know them. And then of course the period costumes are beautiful!

Video by LATENITEYORKIE who has a channel with (I think) every series uploaded!
Enjoy :)



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