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Thursday, February 14, 2013

For Jamie

It's our first Valentine's Day together..... and we're apart.

Dear Jamie,
Thank you for the most wonderful year.

There's a letter on it's way
containing all I want to say
Why I count my lucky stars
Every single day

Why you make me happy
By saying you are mine
And why I find I'm smiling
Every time you cross my mind

Why I am excited
about the things to come
And why I enjoyed all the things
That we've already done

Why when I'm not near you
It's always really tough
But why when there's forever
It will never be enough

And why I feel blessed
And why I feel proud
To know that I am your girl
Not just one girl in a crowd

Why I'm glad I met you
On that dark December day

And why I chose to love you

And why I'm gonna stay



Jessica said...

I love this. You are quite the poet! This reminded me of the song "Dear Jamie" by Hellogoodbye, have you heard it?

Heidi- Virginia said...

Oh thank you :) no I havent but I'll be sure to check it out


Heidi- Virginia said...
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