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Monday, February 11, 2013


Tiny Furniture

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From what I've seen, this film seems to have had a fair bit of bad press.
And even though I wouldn't say it was amazing either, I did enjoy it.
It's what some would call 'one of those indie films where nothing happens' but it's quirky and the style in which it's made is probably what interested me more than the action: the way it was shot (on a Canon EOS 7D) and the artsy feel. Yes, I'm one of those people...

I would go so far as so recommend you give it a watch, even if only so you've seen it for yourself and can join in the debate.

Generally I like this kind of film but even I think a little more needed to unfold story-wise.
However that would partially defeat the object. I can see how it's aim was to be 'realist', this film acts as a window onto somebody's life- not a particularly exciting part of that life, just a part of it
(albeit an important and pivotal one- the main character, Aura, has just
come home after graduating and finds herself floundering with no direction.)

And that is what makes it interesting,
the fact that we should probably all be able to relate to it at some point or other- it's just a snapshot of the none-events that fill up out everyday lives. That's a thing which is not often highlighted in art, because it is believed 'uninspiring' and 'boring', but we all live it, every day. So perhaps it should be given the time of day and acknowledged... Who knows, maybe we'll even discover something we've been overlooking for years where art and entertainment come into the question-
 I think this is what director Lena Dunham was trying to do.



Jessica said...

I love this movie. I watching it again earlier today! Do you watch Girls? They are very similar.

Heidi- Virginia said...

No I heard about that series I will check it out :)


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