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Friday, February 1, 2013

White Rabbits!

Haha, I won!
Oh did you say it first?
Ok, you win :)
Alice and the White Rabbit. Ink and charcoal on sketch paper. To see more artwork and/or follow please click here.
Feeling like all your New Year's resolutions have already gone by the wayside? 
Well start again, yes you're allowed! Who says not? Make February your new start. The beginning of a new month, new week new day even, is always a great time to remind yourself of the things you've promised to aim for. No matter if it's February, June, or a wet Wednesday in October.

 However, if you find (as I have done in the past) that you have a love/hate relationship with deadlines and goals- love making them hate breaking them- but always ultimately do- don't be afraid to say 'it's not for me' and just get on with life. I've done that a couple of times in the past, had a manic list-making phase and then become dragged down by it, rather than it helping me, and so I gave it up for a while then came back to it later.
At the moment I'm finding it's working quite well.

My February Goals:
keep up the resolutions I made at New Year
finish EP project

I do not own the above photo copyright: go check her out, she's very talented :)

What are your current goals? 
Happy February!



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