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Monday, May 13, 2013

A Thought

Hello Peoples :)


Now I joke a lot and the general tone of my writing on here is short, light and to the point, the main emphasis being placed on the photos and the music I make. 
However, I thought It was now the right moment to open up and start trying to engage more with my readers, and I'm guessing you are a few, more than add up to just friend and friends of friends at least I guess from my page views, and that makes me very happy.
 See I'm smiling :)

I've been finding it difficult to decide what I really want this blog to be, so many ideas are running around in my creative brain box that I'm afraid if I included them all on here, it would just turn out a jumbled mish-mash of nonsense.
I knew this was how my mind worked when I created this blog- that I wouldn't easily be able to stick to one subject, and hence the 'Box of Various' being chosen as title; but now I feel it's time to calm down, take stock and knuckle down seriously to try to make this work.

It's great to see your page views increasing even if only slowly, but surely, each time I log into my dashboard,  yet I often yearn for a little feedback.
I'm guessing you like what you see, or else why are the page views increasing?
Accidental visitors perhaps? You're the best kind :)

What I'd love would be for you to leave a little feedback in the comments, if you can spare a moment or two, just to let me know you came and what you think.

I'm new to this game (well it's been a year I think but still...) and there's an awful lot I've yet to learn about blogging successfully.

Advice, kind words and even friendly criticism, will always be welcome here.

Feel free to add a link to your own blog too, after all we're a community are we not? And I'd do the same or anyone else.

Thank you 



Kari said...

Hi Heidi! I just found your blog via your comment on Fine and Feathered. It's really great! It's so hard to put yourself out there, and a blog is sometimes harder than in person since you can't get that immediate reaction from people. I think it's awesome what you're doing, and I'm excited to follow along. I'm a new blogger, too. The hardest part is just getting your name out there. It can feel so disheartening when you keep writing posts and don't get a lot of comments. I think the best thing is to try to form relationships with fellow bloggers. We've got to stick together! I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is lovely, and I'm your newest follower:) If you have a minute, feel free to stop by my blog, too. I hope you're having a great day!

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