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Saturday, June 1, 2013


 Oh Hello :)


How happy it makes me. What a difference the weather makes. Here's to more magical times like those of last weekend (when we thought the summer had finally begun- has it now..?)
 My mum and I went thrifting at a huge local car boot sale and I got some lovely things, as you can see, even some new skinny jeans: exactly what I'd hoped to find when I set out- I love it when that happens! My Beloved and I took his mum's new pic-nic basket on a drive and 'christened' it with our first proper day out of the 'summer' (ha!). We took a blanket and a bottle of wine up on the hill near his house and lazed in the meadow overlooking the city until late on, one evening, and even enjoyed fireworks from the neighboring golf club who were having a party! 
 When the usual order of things (overcast skies and rain) was restored, on the bank holiday Monday, that was cool too because I had a go at making my first baked cheesecake. (We did forget the digestive biscuits for the base though, and had to walk all the way back down into the village to buy some in the drizzle!) I'd give you the recipe but it didn't quite turn out how I imagined it would, although everyone who tasted it was very nice about it :) It was of the white chocolate variation and I think just a little too rich. But hey, I haven't had a disaster for a while and anyway it wasn't much of one, at least it was cooked ;) I think it needs a little refinement before I'm sure it's 'share-able'

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New jeans!


So I'm sat here drafting this in my gloriously sunny back garden, hoping that this weather will hold out for
tomorrow and Sunday. On the bright side, having limited sunshine does make you appreciate it all the more I think, when you do have it.

Ps. We learnt the Shim Sham at dance on Tuesday. More about that later, but it basically means we're very cool ;)


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