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Monday, June 3, 2013

Coming Up Roses

...Or rather veg!


Hi There :)

Good news from the garden- we have life! The seeds that were sown a short while ago, are springing up green! Time for a photo-shoot methinks. Ooh, it's exciting!
 We've been blessed with more beautiful sunny weather recently and the garden is loving it. I brought a grow-bag home last Saturday night (Ok, I didn't carry it myself- 40L of compost is HEAVY!) and mum and I planted out a few of the seedlings on Sunday morning. Note that the two large tomato plants on the right are not a product of my incredible agricultural efforts, but were bought from a car boot sale last week.. we're allowed one cheat ;)

Tomato seedlings on my windowsill
Lettuce, Sunflowers and Carrots.
The seeds at James', having been sown first, are now an abundance of foliage. (Come on, I'm excited!)

What's happening in your garden? Anybody else have a vegetable patch?


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