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Monday, July 1, 2013

How Does My Garden Grow..?

Hello :)


Well, with mixed results mostly :/

 Tomato plants in various states of well-being!
The two we bought from the carboot sale have flourished in our grow bags and are even flowering now!
One of mine I grew from seed doing well underneath. and the rest of it less fortunate siblings which got left in the tray on the right- too tightly packed to do anything else, and I don't have the room to transplant them unfortunately.
 The a fore mentioned flowering tomato plants.

And here my pride and joy! The lettuce my have stopped developing and Mum's rocket may have gone to seed, but my pumpkins are coming on leaps and bounds- I never imagine they would grow so quickly!
A new addition to the family. Another carboot find, 
a lovely surprise to come home to last night, thanks Mum :)
(Don't think they'll be ready in time for the Wimbolden final though...)
And one of my many buzzy friends. Not my best camera work, but he deserves a mention- please don't forget to visit my tomato plants' flowers busy little bee!


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