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Monday, July 8, 2013


Hello :)


So it's been a short while, but with all this beautiful weather we've been having, it's just all too tempting to stay in the sun and indulge in the wonderful out of doors... and therefore neglect ones blog :/

Last weekend we found ourselves in the countryside for a Scout training meeting I was attending and decided to go for an exploratory wander around the next village we came across.

A view from the canal up to the hills and the the moors

 Evidence of knitting-bombing, something my mum is really into and so a photograph was, of course, necessary :)

The viaduct crossing the canal

Close-up practice :) Daisies by the canal-side

Stepping stones across the stream separating the canal from the park.


Then, this weekend just gone, we ventured into town to have a nosy at the Manchester International Festival. We arrived late afternoon, so a bit late, but the atmosphere of the bustling city 
on a sunny day was just lovely :)

 The town Hall in all it's glory

The acoustic stage


And not forgetting the Wimbolden final. We were on the edge of our seats!
Well done Andy :)


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