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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tutorial- Royal Baby Shower Celebration Bunting

Hey There :)


And so finally- congratulations to the happy new parents, and an enchanted nation!

Royal baby fever is sweeping Britain and the world after it was announced yesterday that Kate and William's new baby boy- the Prince of Cambridge and third in line to the throne, has finally arrived- and we're all very excited!

In anticipation of the joyous event, I set to making some hand made paper bunting to deck out the house with as my own little memento of the great celebration, and now the little Prince has arrived I can proudly show you the end product and how I went about it, enjoy :)


 Firstly, draw out your triangles on coloured card. If you're making this for a birth in your own family or that of a friend's you'll want to tailor the colours appropriately. I chose pastel blues and pinks- to cater for each possible outcome!- and pastel yellow to add a bright touch.

Draw patterns on to your triangles. I chose Union Flags- considering the occasion- also hearts, and royal paraphernalia. Then cut all the triangles out. 
Draw and cut out any lettering you might want to use too.

 Time to get colouring!

Now take nine strands of wool (I chose three each of red, white and blue of course) each as long as the total length of all your triangles and letters spread out in the order you wish to hang them, and plait these into a long rope. Secure with knots at each end, leaving loops with which you'll hang the finishing bunting-up.
All that's left now is to sew the shapes and letters onto your rope. Do this by carefully piercing pinpricks in the top most corners/ edges of your shapes and flags and sewing them on gently with matching cotton, a couple of stitches in each hole is all it will take. 


Et Voila! The finished bunting. (And very patriotic I may say too!)

My mum is also in the stages of applying the finishing touches to her own Royal baby keepsake and, if she'll let me, I'll be showing you her efforts here soon too.

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