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Friday, September 27, 2013

Spotlight On Sophie Hall

Hey There.

Today I wanted to big up my best friend Sophie Hall. 
 *rowdy fanfare*


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Sophie is an amazing girl, and an amazing artist. She painted my awesome Soundcloud profile pictures (above) and she's just launched a brand new shiny website where you can view her extensive portfolio and request commissions:

So go check her out!

Sophie has an outstanding talent and a wealth of sketching and painting experience, having been passionate about art from a very early age, and passed (with flying colours might I add) her art A-Level at Aquinas college, Stockport. She produces beautifully realistic still life works as well as unique and striking portraits. She's currently working towards becoming a full time artist and refurbishing her garage, for use as a new studio (can't wait for the grand opening- I feel a 'studio-warming' will be essential!)

You can also find Sophie at:


Sophie Hall said...

Thank you! This is lovely :) xxxx

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