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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Autumn Is...



...Long, hot showers and pamper evenings
  Wrapping up in woolies on a windy day
  Early nights in, with TV and hot chocolate
  Lamp-light glowing from cosy sitting room windows
Smoke in the misty air
  Rustling through the fallen leaves...


And so, that time of year is rolling around again. The time for new terms, new fashions, a new mindset.
Back to school, refreshed and eager, all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Sorting through our wardrobes, packing away summers bright and floaty caprices, and rummaging out those favourite old woolies, plus some new ones in the sales! Smothering the sweet smell of sun lotion in musky potions, and getting down to the all important Christmas pre-planning- it's never too early right?
What is Autumn to you? What do you look forward to in the cooler seasons?


Vicki said...

long showers and long baths are my fav in the winter months :) x

Heidi Dewhirst said...

It's so lovely to get cosy :)

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