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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Recent Thrifts, And My First Giveaway Winner!

Why Hello There.


Well after all the fun and the frolick that was Halloween and My First Giveaway, I thought I'd get back into the swing of things with a post on my most recent thrifts.
BUT- not before I announce the winner of the Kiko Eyeshadow! *Drum roll please!*

Congratulations: SHANNON BLAND
(Many thanks to my Mum for helping me draw the winning name from the hat)
Drop me an e-mail Shannon, at: with your postal address :) 
Please let me thank you all immensely. Those who took part in the giveaway and made me feel like a success by joining in- I was worried no one would enter! All those who welcomed me to their wonderful Halloween Tea Parties, and took the time to stop by at mine, and of course the lovely Miss V from A Fanciful Twist for organising the whole shabang :) Thank you all, whoever you are, for making me feel welcome in the blogosphere (do we still use that word? Is it outdated yet? ;P )
So yeah- thank you!
And now on with the thrifting! From top to bottom: (I'm afriad I'm using a friend's computer and the photos just won't arrange themselves how I'd like them to)

1 A lovely little black dress 2 Love the ruched bodice 3 These shoes were just irresistable, and not too high 4 Really light and comfy gilet, might come in handy for running now the weather's getting cooler 5 Aren't these jelly moulds just adorable? Not that keen on Jelly but Mum thinks they'll make cute kitchen decorations 6 Gorgeous silky random print top with zip down the back, adds instant class to my skinnies :)


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