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Friday, November 8, 2013

November Paperchase and Passion For Fashion Link Up

Hey Hey.

How are you all? Well I hope :) As we draw near to the end of November... (Ok, ok, it's supposed to be an end-of-month post, but I can't wait to get this posted, and I also don't want to run the risk of anything being out of date haha!) I thought I'd put together a little list of all my favourite things from recently. I've seen a number of blogs with these lists and some have really lovely original titles like Danielle's 'funfairs'. I have decided to call my little round-up, a 'paperchase'. In the spirit of  a real old fashioned paperchase I'm leaving you a trail of snippits for you to follow to discover the treasure- the treasure being all the wonderful things I've found hidden around the internet of late. Enjoy!

1 This lavender lemonade is such a magical idea, it sounds to me as though it is the type of beverage fairies would sip, fluttering about their wooded glens, or wherever faires live nowadays ;) 2 Ok, I'm not getting married or anything, but I girl can dream hey? This wedding theme is one of the lovliest I've seen, not only is the colour scheme so soft and dreamy, but candles outdoors at dusk are just one of the best things in life. 3 A fellow blogger at Buccaneers and Ballgowns brought this inspirational site to my attention. What an incredible idea! I think this is exactly the kind of thing I've been waiting for. 4 I'm getting back into running at the moment, and trying to be serious about it :) Map My Run is a brilliant site where you can track your progress, connect with others and search for new routes in your area. 5 Twinkie Chan's free Bee and Puppycat crochet pattern is the bomb! Funnily enough I discovered this by chance in my blog feed, the very morning after my Beloved introduced me to the... 6 youtube pilot episode! 7 Vannessa Jackman's Scout inspired test shoot is just heaven for a Scout like me! (Yeah dib, dib dib, and all that...) 8 Stitchless is the home of the wonderfully exuberant Tree, who'll take you, step by step through uncomplicated dressmaking techniques. 9 This cute printable meal planner was just the thing I was looking for to help me start budgeting better! 10 Half way down this page you can bag yourself a free download of the dreamy Shapeshifter by Elephant- surprisingly good music to run to!

Outfit details:

I love the way grey works with almost any splash of colour, this time I decided to team it with pink. This was a relaxed but quirky look for a dry day as the days were getting a tad cooler. All thrifted as usual, with the exception of the necklace which was a gift from my dear friend, Marjolaine.

This outfit is my first humble offering to the Passion For Fashion link up run by the fabulous misses Lena B and Rachel The Hat (buttons below),so I'm not entirely sure if I'm doing this correctly, haha, but I linked up with Rachel and Lena, (at least I hope I did!) and I guess I have to post on a Friday? Oh dear, much confusion ensues! Anyway, you should definitely check out these ladies, and please do let me know if this is all as it should be ;)
Have a wonderful weekend!
Lena B, Actually

Lena B, Actually






Kari said...

Cute outfit, and I love all your paperchase items:) It's so fun to see what you found this week. Hope you have a great weekend!

Chrisy said...

Wow you've got lots of great links I'm heading off to check out...

HighlandFling said...

What a cute outfit, I love the pattern on your tights especially. Stay cute! Emma x

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