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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Running Wild


So I wanted to write a post about running today. I've been getting back into running for a few weeks now, after having tried it back last year and fallen out of the routine, and I'm loving it!
I mean, apart from the obvious physical advantages that sport brings you, I find it just feels really good too- lets you be free, clears your mind, gets the oxygen in your lungs and does wonders for your self discipline. It feels so great when you get back from a run you didn't really feel like doing- but you did it!

I just wanted to kind of fly the flag for running in this post and also, help keep myself focused. Nothing like telling other people about something to help to set your mind to it and get it done :)

When I'm feeling focused and my week is well organised, I try to run every other day, so Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then have the weekend off. I feel really good with my efforts so far as, recently, I've made the big transition from only running a couple of minutes at a time, with plenty of breaks, to being able to go out and run for 20 minutes non-stop now.

I really appreciate running without music, just taking in the day and the world around you, especially nature, but sometimes I find it gives me extra motivation to have upbeat songs playing whilst I'm out, and it mostly tends to be a few choice tracks from Ellie Goulding's Halcyon album at the moment.

Do any of you run? And if you're thinking of giving it a go, I'd say DO! I really, honestly never thought I'd be into running let alone able to do it half decently, and now I love it :)

What is your feel good sport?



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