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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year Nails- French Manicure Stickers Review

Hello There :)
I think I first heard properly about manicure stickers here from Kaylah of the wonderful Dainty Squid blog (really, she is my favourite, favourite blogger of the moment, I have got so many new and cool ideas from her!)
So, since seeing these french manicure nail stickers on the Yves Rocher site a few days ago, I have been dying to try them out. Today I bought myself some and voila les r├ęsultats:
Yves Rocher French Manicure Stickers
It's very important that I like these stickers because I'm including a pack in my Grow Your Blog post giveaway which will go live on the evening of 24th January... (and yes- I love them!) They are easy to use and give a very clear and neat finish. I'm so pleased with them, I hope you'll like them too- see, tried and tested just for you :)
Well, I hope you're all having a brilliant start to 2014, I know that between job hunting (fingers crossed!) and crochet projects that I am ;)
What is your favourite manicure product of the moment?


Kari said...

So cute and easy! Love this! Thanks for sharing. I need to try these stickers out:) Glad your 2014 is off to a great start!

erin.necati said...

Very pretty! Good way to get a french manicure without paying salon prices! Thanks for the idea :)

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