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Saturday, February 15, 2014

And The Winner Is...

Hello! Long time no blog :)

This won't be fancy or anything I'm afraid as I'm typing on my iPad today, so no formatting or pics, hey the most important thing is to announce the winner of the Grow Your Blog giveaway :)

Thank you so much to the 29 lovely people who entered and all those who stopped by for the party, it was wonderful to meet so many other great bloggers :)

I've been very busy getting a new job (!) hence the lack of post recently, but I thank you for your patience and promise to be back blogging regularly soon!

Ok so, here's the moment you've all be waiting for! The winner of the Grow Your Blog giveaway is


Please drop me an email to: *** *** with your postal address, Claire, and I'll send you your manicure kit as soon as possible :)

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, see you all soon.



Claire said...

Hi Heidi, I used your contact form a while ago, sending you my mailing address...
Did you not get it?
Thanks x

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