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Monday, March 10, 2014

Kiko: A Review

Hello :)


It's been a while I know, but here I am, back on board the blogging bus and hoping to be able to post regularly now. I've been extremely busy in my new job and have barely had a minute's rest since the end of January, but finally, I've found a good time to dedicate to Box Of Various, and hopefully, Monday evenings will become my regular blogging time.

A couple of months back I treated myself to a few goodies from Kiko and today I'd like to share a brief review of them :)

 clockwise: eyeliner :: nail varnish :: eyeshadow :: mascara

As you can see, pink seems to be my colour! I love wearing a wide variety of colours, but pink is deffinitely one that I seem to go for often. I bought these products in the sales and so there was only a very limited choice of colours left, luckily for me, pink was one of them :)

The eyeliner, is very bright and would be great for party make-up, you could even apply it all over the lid for a really striking look, but I've worn it in the day time, smudging it a little as I applied it, to soften the look, and it worked just as well.

The nail varnish has to be one of my favourite products, not only out of this bunch, but off all time! It's the most beautiful pale iridescent pink which shines with a shock of petrol in the right light. My only disappointment with this varnish is that is isn't very long lasting.

The eyeshadow is a duskier pink than I would usually go for. I can't say it's my favourite, but it's very well pigmented. It doesn't last the longest and applying it is quite a dustly process, but I think it works well with an evening look.

The mascara was a brave purchase. it's a shimmery red colour and can give the impression of tired eyes if not applied well (!) I'd save it for an evening look, and use it with other dark eye make-up and well defined eyeliner I think, I'm still waiting for the right occasion to create a bold look with this product :)

All in all, Kiko make-up has to be a favourite of mine. It may not be the longest lasting in terms of staying power, but it is good quality otherwise. Kiko always have an extensive range of very pretty and affordable products, simply browsing the boutique is fun :)

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