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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Write Yourself Happy // Week 2


(EDIT: I'm so sorry this is a day late, I hope you'll still accept my offering to the link up!)


It's Thursday which means it's time to link up with Shannon from Smile and Write again for week two of her Write yourself Happy project. This week's prompt is: 

Write down five positive affirmations, quotes or bible verses you want to incorporate in your daily life to keep your thoughts and beliefs about yourself in check.

And below are the five I have chosen.

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' - Matthew 7:12
Ours was not a religious family, but I have often heard this passage quoted by my parents whilst I was growing up, and believe it to be one of the simplest and best rules to live by. Put yourself in others' shoes and try seeing things from their point of view.
'It's what's on the inside that counts.' - My Mum
Beauty, whilst being something that we are all preoccupied with for one reason or another, is only skin deep. A person's personality, creativity, intelligence and kindness of spirit, are what really matter.
'If a job's worth doing it's worth doing well.' - Proverb
Also often heard from my Mum. This one is pretty self-explanatory: what would be the point of setting out to complete a task if you didn't put any effort into it? 
'No man is an island...' - John Donne
Taken from the full poem of the same title which you can read here. I remember my Dad teaching me frequently throughout my childhood, how everything we do has a 'ripple effect', as he liked to call it, on the people and the world around us. Similarly, this quote reminds us to be thoughtful and to consider the feelings of others in all that we do.
'A Brownie Guides thinks of others before herself and does a good turn every day.' - The Brownie Guide Law
I was a member of the Guiding Movement from age 4 until just recently when I decided to take a break for a while due to other commitments (however once a Guide, always a Guide!), and the Brownie Guide Law is one of the easiest things to keep in mind and to carry out on a daily basis, right through your life, long after the sashes and badges have been carefully stowed away for posterity :)


Et voila, my offering for this week's link-up. Please do get involved, I know Shannon would love you to.


Shannon said...

Love these Heidi! Thanks for linking up! The next one goes live tonight! Have a great week, my friend!

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