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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Write Yourself Happy Link-Up // Week 1

Hey Hey.


I recently came accross this inspirational post written by Shannon at Smile and Write, and it was just the kind of motivation I needed to help me get back to blogging regularly. My Beloved and I actually had a similar motivational writing project on the go back in the winter, but unfortunately it fell by the wayside as things sometimes do. Life has been really hectic recently with my new job (sometimes it seems I practically live at the office and only come home to eat and sleep!) hence the lack of regular posts here on Box of Various for a while. I am however, always coming up with new ways to try to keep myself organised and I'm currently sitting down to devise a weekly schedule to make the most of out-of-work hours, whilst James is finishing writing a new song... and playing the guitar with a pencil...

As well as the myriad of drafted posts I need to complete and schedule, I am working on getting my online boutique up and running! Yes, that's right, as I may have mentioned once very long ago, I plan to open an online shop selling one of a kind vintage and pre-loved dresses, accessories and items of curiosity. So watch this space for Pepper Wood boutique's opening day! (I'll hopefully figure out how to set up discount codes for the first few customers too.) 



But to the business in hand, writing ourselves happy :)
Shannon has outlined a schedule for anyone who would like to take part in the project, and this week's prompt is:

List 5 people you completely admire and role model. Tell us why you love them so and what attributes are so admirable.

It goes without saying that my parents and the rest of my family are very dear to me and always an inspiration. I wanted to take this time to tell you about a few different people whom I admire. In no particular order, they are:

The 24 year old guy I spoke to on the phone at work who had suffered one of the most terrible illnesses we know of, twice in his life, and was still able to take it all in his stride.
 Paramedics. My Beloved and I were discussing, the other day, how incredible it is that there is a type of person for every job that needs doing, and how someone could be so selfless and level-headed to do a job like this. It must be incredibly rewarding.
Wes Anderson, for his incredible film making ability. He makes the kind of films that fill you with their atmosphere and leave you floating around for hours after you've left the cinema. (We went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel last night.)
Sandy Denny, of Fairport Convention. She has the most heavenly voice.  
Mother Nature, especially in the Springtime. This is my favourite season. There is nothing like the feeling you get, strolling around the neighbourhood on a mild Spring evening just as the sun is fading. The scents of the flowers, and the cherry trees laden with blossom :)

Why don't you join in and link up or post your lists in the comments at Smile and Write?
Have a wonderful Friday :)


Shannon said...

Thanks for linking up Heidi! I love Mother Nature as one of yours, so creative and true. She makes the world go round in many different ways! Come back and join us next week!

Sheryl at How to Make a Life said...

Just stopping by from the link up and wanted to say I'm glad to see you! Love your list.

Angela Wiebe said...

great idea choosing people who don't get recognized often and not the usual family and friends one

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