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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Write Yourself Happy // Weeks 4 & 5 (Eek!)

(Sheepishly:) Hi...


Link-Up? Did somebody say Link-Up? Last Thursday?

Oh dear!

So, I obviously didn't get to posting for last week's Write Yourself Happy Link-up, but I am here this week, and just to prove how committed I actually am, hear are both posts, in one :)

May 1
List 5-10 things you love about where you live right now. These can be your house, neighborhood, town etc. Whatever works for you.

I am within 15 minutes walking distance from the town center.
I am also within walking distance (albeit quite a bit more than 15 minutes) from both my Grandparents' and my Beloved's houses.
I have become more and more organised when it comes to housework and general orderliness, making me ever prouder of my own little room.
I live roughly 20 minutes by car from both the city center (as opposed to my local town center) and the rolling hills of the beginning of the peak district- best of both worlds!
Although I am eager to expand my horizons and plan to move out of the area when the time comes to set up home on my own, this will always be my real 'home'. I was born and grew up here, and to be honest, on a sunny day these usually drab streets can seem quite airy and bright :)

May 8
List 5 things you love about your physical appearance.

I thought I would moderate this week's prompt a little bit. Whilst I have no issues about my appearance, it's not really me, listing what I like about myself. Instead I'll simply say that currently I'm having great fun experimenting with hair colour and bright, quirky clothes :) In my opinion it's important to love ourselves as nature made us and not to hanker after drastic and unnecessary 'improvements' to our physical appearances. As long as we're healthy and  taking care of ourselves, we should be proud to be us :)


See you next week (hopefully!)


Corinne said...

Being walking distance from things is a big win - esp for nights out!

I don't think I could list 5 things I like about my appearance. Maybe my hands and ears the end.

Corinne x

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