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Monday, June 9, 2014

June Paperchase

Hey There


So I did this thing once, where I posted a round-up of all the coolest things I'd come across in and around the blogosphere that month, and needless to say, it never turned out to be a regular thing - what can I say, I'm so busy, I have too many ideas and not enough time! But my renewed coming-to-terms-with the fact that 'this is just how I operate', allows me to revive this feature if only sporadically, without feeling stressed out about that any more. I hope you guys will be as understanding and enjoy my content for what it is as well, and not have too many expectations. I'm still endeavouring to get more and more organised each day, but so long as I go with the flow and keep relaxed, I've found I can work better.

How do you feel about blog commitment and organisation? Do you ever get stressed out? Also any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sticking by me :)

And so on to the paperchase, ready, get set, go!

As you will have seen, I have recently been taking part in Shannon's Write Yourself Happy project. The original deadline having now been reached, she has decided to extend the project indefinitely, each Thursday. Shannon is no longer giving prompts for each week's link-up, the only criteria now being for the post to be centered around the subject of happiness, and both new and re-posted material is welcome, so get linking up :) Adventures in Making is the new collaborative effort of Camp Smarty Pants' Rachel Beyer, and Alison Lang of So There. It's a place of daily inspiration for all things creative, whether it's recipes, papercrafts, needlework projects.. the list goes on. 3 is the place to go for the cutest lables. If you have handmade products to sell, these are definitely what you need, I'll be ordering some for my PepperWood items #cantwait ! 4 I've just signed up for the current Books 'n' Bloggers swap, run by Chaotic Goddess. I've been waiting so long for this swap to come back round as it's the one that I found the most exciting- sharing good literature, what could be better?! 5 I just ordered the cutest teaspoon from Goozeberryhill on Etsy, as a Fathers' Day gift for my dad (he is always going on about which spoon he prefers we use when making cups of tea, so this was the perfect solution- a personalised teaspoon, especially for him!)

Happy chasing!


Also, I haven't posted any pictures for a long time, so I rooted out these two of my stall at a recent craft fair I went to. Now, I cannot claim any of the credit for the myriad adorable items on the stall, the clever lady is indeed my mum. Seriously, she is never not knitting/ crocheting/ patching (when I was a child I was hard pressed catching her at a moment when she was free for a cuddle!) The fair was being held in aid of The NeuroMuscular Centre at a favourite local, vegetarian cafe bar of ours, where we also play at open mic on Wednesday evenings. James was my right hand man on the day, doing the driving to and from the cafe and helping set-up shop, the hand-made greetings cards on the end of the table are the creations of his mum.

We had fun despite there not being as many customers show up as we were hoping for, and all the other stall holders were lovely, and very talented craftspeople!

And an extra one: the beautiful bouquet my Beloved gave my for my 22nd birthday back in March.

Well, I reckon it's about time I started on that new duvet set we'd planned on making, I'll let you know how it goes.


Jen said...

Hi, Heidi! I'm your CG Swap partner, and I can already tell we'll have tons in common! :D I'm sitting here laughing to myself and nodding at everything you're saying about too many ideas and just dealing with the fact that some features aren't going to be very regular--it is what it is, right? Your site is so fun! It'll be such a pleasure to get to know you.

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