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Friday, November 7, 2014

Lunch Break Motivation #1

Hey Hey!


So life has been hectic, what can I say, excuses, excuses.. or I could just get on with the post and prove to you that I am getting back to blogging regularly, rather than lamenting over it :)

I have a new job, which is as same as the old job, however, with this job I have the opportunity to nip for lunch at the pub next door and update you lovely folks.

I don't have an awful lot of time on lunch so I needed something brief to write about, and have settled on the mutually beneficial topic of motivation. I will endevour to post one motivational idea or quote each lunch break during the stressful run up to Christmas, and at the same time hopefully fuel my own motivation the rest of my working day.

And so to begin, let's think on the fact that:

Even though you may feel as though you're slogging away working for somebody else, remind yourself that you are your own ultimate boss, and that you are working for yourself. The money you are working hard to earn will be yours, and you are subsequently contributing to and helping to run that high flying business you work for, on the side...

Now how does the idea of work sound?

Happy afternoon, I know you will meet your targets- employee of the month is well within your grasp


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