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Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy 2015!

Hi There


Well, here we are, a brand new year and almost a week in already. We have bid farewell to the old year and welcomed in the new one and are all full of promises to ourselves and fresh inspiration and motivation. I, personally, would like the beginning of 2015 to see me making more of an effort to do the things I love and also the things I should. I hope to find new ideas and a new lease of life and take the lessons I learnt last year, seriously, and in so doing improve my health, well being and creativity. 
I've decided not to make any huge 'un-tackle-able' resolutions, but instead, will be focusing much more on things that are important to me and taking one day at a time. For the most part.

Two things which I think are worth striving for however are: Dry January, and #100DAYNOSPEND with the wonderful Rachel The Hat and so with tomorrow hailing the start of work again for me and me having finally got myself together after the holidays, from now onwards: here goes!

Please follow the links above and take a look at what it's all about, it'd be great to have you join in the challenges!

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