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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Friday's Poem and Other Stories

Good Evening :)

This post will be a bit of a 'hotch-botch' tonight, but hotch-botches are good things so it's all ok ;)
 I thought I'd share with you a few pics of the donkeys I see sometimes on my morning 'walkies' with the dog, but I was only sufficiently pleased with one of said 'pics' to post it! I can assure you though, all three of them  (the donkeys that is) are adorable :) I've been in love with the creatures ever since I had a summer job helping with donkey rides at the seaside as a little girl.

Some other recent photos which came out half-decent-ish :)



this plucky little rose was in full bloom in December

The sun absolutely illuminating the town across the bay

I chose the best (in my own humble opinion) of my ever growing collection of 'inspiration-snaps' to post here tonight. The ones with the most atmosphere. Most of these weren't actually even taken with 'photography' as such, in mind, it was more a matter of 'oh that's pretty/ interesting/' and 'snap!' :) I'm especially fond of the silhouetted trees against that mucky-looking sky :)
 '1' and '2' were taken this morning on a very windy morning stroll. The sun was shining so brightly, and then all of a sudden the wind whipped-up the clouds and it went all half grey-half golden, it was exciting :)
 But to the crux of the matter and today's poem. Having almost completed my week, I think I've done ok. I was more pleased with some than I was with others but it's all experience and I have stuck to my deadlines (so far!) I couldn't keep it up much longer than a week at the moment I don't think, but it may well be something that reoccurs from time to time, we'll see :) Well here goes for this evening:

Tired This Evening

'Tired this evening,
Got nothing to say,
Not easy,
Thinking of new things each day.

Weary this evening,
Been doing so much,
Writing and snapping,
And singing and such.

Always got so many,
Things on the go,
It's the best way to live life,
I find, don't you know.

Making, creating,
My own 'show and tell',
And hopefully others,
Will like it as well.

But time to recharge,
As I put me to bed,
So many ideas,
Floating 'round in my head.

And tomorrow will dawn,
I will wake up and then,
I will start the whole journey,
All over again!'

But a girl's still gotta keep house! And even cleaning deserves to be photo-documented sometimes ;)



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