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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's Poem


'Today I got a parcel,
Today a parcel came,
The postman brought a parcel,
And went away again.

The parcel was quite heavy,
And of a largish size,
The parcel made me happy,
Sitting there before my eyes.

I contemplated the parcel,
(No doubt) it contemplated me,
It was the nicest parcel,
I think I've ever seen.

On the inside of that parcel,
We're gifts and gifts galore,
I reached to take out one,
And then reached in again for more.

Some were for my mother,
And one was for my pa,
But the ones which were labelled 'Heidi',
Were the prettiest by far.

I opened up my presents,
Their contents made me smile,
It was certainly worth waiting,
All that awful while!'

Heidi-V x


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