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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pretty Dresses

Hey there :)

So I've recently acquired a few new dresses, and what does one do when one acquires new dresses? Why, blog about them of course! ;)
 They were all thrifted with exception of the black, lacy, layered one, to the left, which was a gift.
 A few of them need altering so I'm only showing front-on shots for now but these can be the 'before' photos and so later on when we get sewing I'll update you.
 I say 'we' as my mum is the expert seamstress in our house, and she also took the photos for me :) So thank you Mum!

This 'Sea-sidey' dress (so called because of the pattern of its fabric, cute little poissons-fish- and coquillages-shells-) was a little on the long side for me and so, with some expert advice from my mum, I took the hem up to a more 'me' length ;) Here's how:
First I ironed the skirt, being sure to flatten all the hems and seams

after having tried the dress on and decided on the desired length,  I measured from the hem all the way around and  put  in pins as markers

Then I cut off the excess material, leaving a little below the 'pin-line' for my new hem

All off!

I folded the new hem (creased at the 'pin-line') and pressed it with the iron to keep it in place

Now the raw edge of the new hem is tucked under, and pressed to keep in place
Time to sew!

The criss-cross straps at the back of the dress also need adjusting.  I measured and marked where I  wanted them re-attached

I sewed some lovely old looking press-studs on to act as fasteners
The finished dress
And from the back

I'm so pleased with how this first dress-making project has gone, I can see myself doing a lot more sewing now I have been introduced to the machine! I think the flowery 40's style one is next up, it's a little large around the shoulders and it also has a complex arrangement at the back which needs adjusting.
 Sooo looking forward to going dancing in these!

Well I will post today's poem later on this evening, hope your Wednesday was nice!

Heidi-V x


Jessica said...

What pattern did you use?! Looks Lovely! :] -Jessica

Heidi- Virginia said...

Oh thank you!
I didn't have a pattern, the dress was too long when I acquired it and it was my mum who advised me on how to take up the hem :)
I havn't made anything from scratch as yet, but maybe one day :)

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