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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday's Poem

Hi there :)
Sorry it's late in the day, but it is still the day, so here we go:

Tuesday's Poem

'Tuesday's poem is not very long,
Not very wonderful, not full of wit,
But as Tuesday needs a poem, and must have its song,
Then this little ditty surely will be it.

Tuesday's poem is the second I'll write,
With a feel of its namesake, not new but not old,
To me it means two more days less, when at night,
I count down 'till you're hand I can hold.

Tuesday's a blue day, not sad but in hue,
A beautiful sky undisturbed as in May,
I think of the days all in colour, do you?
And with that swift thought I will up and away.

Up like a kite in the cool springtime breeze,
Tumbling over the warm golden sunshine,
Up in the air feeling careless and free,
Until I return to the one I call mine.'

Goodnight :)


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