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Monday, January 7, 2013

A Poem a Day

A poem a day
'A poem a day is a beautiful way,

To pass the time lingering between us,

Few words on a page, and I'll mean all I say,
For the words on the page will mean our love.

The pencil on paper, the ink pen on leaf,
Or most probably type on a screen,
But sure as it is,  albeit keyboard inks thief,
They'll be the prettiest letters you've seen.

So fret not nor pine for me, as I'll be right here,
In writing, each day, long as I might,
To love you oh and to comfort you dear,
Before you know, I'll be holding you tight.'

Hey there :)
So This week I thought I'd endeavour to write and post a poem each day, starting today, until Sunday. 
 Now I'm not professing to be much of a poet at all, but nevertheless, I'd like to practise and by way of posting a few littles ditties on here, I think I may improve. Besides it's fun!
 The one above I wrote a few days ago and is a kind of introduction, and the one below I have written just today, enjoy :)

The Mountains are Beautiful Today
'The mountains are beautiful, through the mist and the haze,
Their golden- red hue in the distance,
The fresh air is humid,  in my early morn's daze,
But the mountains are beautiful today.

The sunshine's arriving, after a dull and dense start,

Brightening our afternoon's prospects,
As the day slowly wakes up, I return from the park,
And the days occupations begin.

Work starts today, it's all go, go, pay, pay,
But the mountains remind to keep clam,
And when duties abound, the time passes away,
Quicker than ever it did before.

And the mountains are beautiful today,
And the mountains are beautiful,


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