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Monday, April 22, 2013

Movie Club - Take 1

Hey Hey Peoples!
(can you hear me shouting that?)

So, I'm going to start off this hastily thought up 'feature' with a couple of rom-coms we watched recently, and a brief opinion of each. 
Let me know what you thought of these films or, if you haven't seen them, go and steal one from a friend and snuggle up with a bag of cookies, or a glass of wine (or hey, even both!) ... and then let me what you think ;)


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World


A very engaging film, with huge atmosphere. Such a good idea for a story line. It was unsettling yet intriguing and I found myself imagining it was me in the situations playing out on screen- what would I do? how would I feel? and was consequently totally involved. Yes I even cried...
This is definitely one for the 'romantics' ;)
Perfect for a girly night in, or with your beloved.

Kiera Knightly 
(who you kind of have to like in this even if you don't usually, like meee...)
That guy who was in The 40 Year Old Virgin
 (actually I should probably get round to watching that too.)


Silver Linings Playbook


Quite similar in concept to 'Seeking a Friend', but with a completely different context. Engaging from the beginning and very entertaining.
If you like either one of these you will certainly like the other :)

Oh, and Robert De Niro is cool in this.


I will be back intermittently with other similarly wonderfully written reviews ;)

(There are far too many smileys going on here...)


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