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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who Lives In A House Like This..?

 Hey There :)


So today I thought I'd give you a little glimpse of the little back bedroom that is my world.
It's always fascinating to see bloggers' homes and get a real sense of their personality. Most recently I enjoyed Mackenzie's post (at on her room and so, was inspired to throw my hat into the ring and have a go myself.

My photography skills aren't nearly as flashy as some of the more experienced bloggers', I must admit, and I rely solely on my iPhone camera, but I hope you'll be able to get a feel of who I am :)

My notice board above my bed with souvenirs and memories of plays and movies I've seen, places I've visited and all manner of other little mementos. Including boat trip tickets from Windermere, a french cinema flyer from when I saw one of the Twilight films over there (please don't judge!), Scout Association safety policy card and the banner, reading ' Missed You Boo' that my parents made to welcome me home from Russia last year. Boo is a nickname :)
The sketch is one I did of my Beloved and I- needless to say I'm no artist!

A mixture of remnants from different stages of my life: a collection of dolls and teddy bears, the names 'Heidi' and 'Emma' (a dear Canadian friend of mine) in Japanese, a framed postcard of the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus from my church-going days and some rather juxtaposed a anarchist graffiti from when I though I might like to be a punk... tut tut, my apologies.
The bunting was crocheted by my mum as a 21st birthday decoration.

A proper sketch of James and I, by my very talented and close friend Sophie Hall. Also a birthday present.

Fairy lights and the ribbons of a Romanian head-dress given to me by a French friend.

Organised chaos- look, at least I know where everything is!

 The lyrics to 'Farewell, Farewell' by Fairport Convention, a favourite folk rock band of mine and my dad's. (This too, was done during the graffiti phase.) And below, maps of Saint Petersburg and the South of France.
The fairy's name is Daisy.
My bookcase- and a second heart-shaped clock.


Et Voila! I hope you enjoyed looking around.

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Rachel Beyer said...

Love your crochet garland and fairy lights! I too am notorious for 'organized chaos'. I swear when everything is neat and tidy I can't find anything I want! :)

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