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Friday, November 8, 2013

Ok, I'll Let You In On A Little Secret...


When I saw this on, which is an awesome site showcasing the the best in thought-provoking and worthwile videos from around the internet, I knew I had to share it with you; and it got me thinking of other ways that we can enjoy fashion whilst caring for the environment.
I'll let you into a secret: I rarely buy anything from the highstreet. Most of my clothes are thrifted, whether from charity shops, carboots, or jumbles sales (where, often the money is being raised for a good cause as well). By shopping this way not only are you giving new life to things no longer of use to others and therefore reducing waste and the need to buy so many new items, but you also come away with a lot more for your money! There's nothing like a good old carboot sale and coming home with bags full of goodies to customise, upcyle and restyle. Something to bear in mind whilst shopping second hand, is how awesome you can make that ordinary everyday item look when you get home!
Sometimes I'll be lucky enough to find just what I'm loking for too. Once I was in need of some new jeans and I was hoping I might find some skinnies at a local carboot sale. Lo and behold after a good look around I came across a pair of 'as new' black Lipsy skinnies. Exactly what I wanted! Oh, the thrill of finding, by chance, something that you had in mind before coming out!


 Obviously, swapping and passing on clothes to friends and family is a good idea too but have you heard of Swishing? It's basically an organised way to swap clothes you no loger want, with friends. The general idea of a swishing party is for each guest to bring at least one item of clothing to swap, and then choose from the other items brought along, something new for themselves. You can find out more about it, and swish online here, or keep upto date with local swishing parties here.

So, however we do it, let's all try to make our own little individual efforts towards helping clean up our environment, and together all those little efforts will combine to make a positive impact.

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Rachel said...

These are all great methods to help encourage less waste in the clothing/fashion industry!

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