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Monday, March 24, 2014

New Year Crafts (Ok, so it's March...)

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Hope you had a lovely weekend :)

I was, unfortunately, not able to get the the library last Monday (which is where I'm currently blogging from, on my way home from work) and today I am unprepared, having not found the time to photograph my current craft projects. However, I thought I would just write a quite update so as not to appear to have given up on blogging all together!

As I mentioned around about Christmas time, this year I'm going to be trying to complete more craft projects, mostly in the knitting and crochet sphere. The first of which should be a cowl that I am (not so) secretly making for a friend of mine- you'll be lucky if I finish it in time for your birthday Sophie ;) My Mum taught me the basics of knitting when I was younger but I always gravitated more towards crochet, however I have recently rediscovered knitting and am giving a simple, lacy design a go.

Other projects include the snowflake cushion cover that I am ridiculously behind with (can snowflakes work in spring?) and then I have a collection of crocheted buttercups that are crying out to be used as a springtime decoration, I'd better get a move on!

One project I have finished are the rainbow fingerless gloves I made for my Beloved. They didn't go quite to plan but he was very pleased with them, and it's certainly a good beginning. 

I think possibly too much relaxing over coffee is happening and hence the lack of crafting! But I am certainly getting into more of a routine now with my new job, and getting better at organising the free time I do have, so that I can get everything done. So, home now to plan for next week, I have so many post ideas!

 See you Monday :)


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