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Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Saturday Tree Project

Woooo! A blog :D
I'm very excited to be taking my first steps into the 'blogosphere'. Today is a sunny day and I'm writing this lounging on my futon type thing (which is actually just an oblong cushion, and isn't actually mine!) Ha :)

 So, let's get straight into it, I'm full of ideas so here goes!
Firstly, it being Saturday I should probably tell you about The Saturday Tree project. This is a photography project I'm undertaking, in order to track the transition from winter to spring. I have a certain favourite tree in the local park which is my subject, and I'm taking a picture of it each week, from different perspectives and angles, playing around, learning and having fun :)
 You can see the first two weeks' pictures here: The Saturday Tree Project 

And here are today's (3 weeks)

beautiful golden-red leaves

Anybody know what type of tree this is?

And the early morning dew on my shoes :)

Merry Saturday!


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